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Coffin Text #277:  Becoming Thoth


I have taken my place with the Eye of Horus at the head of the Three who issue commands among the gods in the affairs of Thoth.  My protection is that of Thoth’s guardianship among you.  I am a spirit, Lord of Spirits, as it was the Spirit who made me fit and able.  I am he who celebrates the monthly festival, and who makes observance at the mid-month festival.  The talisman ring of the Udjat is on my hand in the suite of Thoth.  As for any god or goddess, any spirit or deceased, male or female, who would set in motion his mouth against me this day, he shall fall to the execution-blocks from the magic which is in my body and the leaping flames emanating from my mouth.  Those who see me are in awe of me, for I am on high, having ascended as one without weakness.  I have expelled the Detested One with my own hands.  I have not judged with partiality between the two Rivals, as I was not led in the Palace by anything that was said when the Tribunal spoke.  The Rivals are content with what I have uttered in judgment, for I never rendered a verdict as one who made issue because of those who abused him when they spoke.  I have secured a House of The Eight in the House of The Thirty, as the Bull of Ma’at.  Men hearken to my speech and dread my wrath.  I am a confidant of the Palace in the presence of the Bull of Ma’at.  May your souls be silent and in stillness for me, for I am Thoth.  Behold, I have come in joyfulness, visiting judgment upon the Destroyer at the wish of Mighty Isis and making the Rivals to be thus content.