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A Pagan Guild for Alternative Educational Strategies


Personal demons incarnate themselves in the form of demanding clients, workplace bullies, disappointed relatives, and any other category of person who cannot easily be dismissed with impunity.  These appear to derive their motives and tactics from some remote location where beings quite intimate with the ways of exploitation relay inexhaustible guidance.  Armed with this and a general instinctive or experiential acquaintance with your weaknesses, they address their preoccupation of demoralization with seemingly boundless energy.  How do toxic people insinuate themselves into our affairs and ravage our composure and plans?  Initially and periodically, by passing themselves off as supporters.  Many who will spoil you with cushioning or hex you with close range charisma at one moment will turn around in the next and heap you with strain.  What energies, issues, and conditions determine when these episodes will occur?  Shamans place much stock by essential banishment of “evil” influences and purification of the both individual and shared sacred space, the liminal zone where the deities, devas, jinn, fey, and humans cooperate for the benefit and enrichment of the cosmos. 


Now, prosperous people appear to have refined their ways and firmed their defenses to wonderful effect.  Why is it that some people’s live consist of gleaning cooperation from virtually all about them, and as they pass through situations that would cripple others, they usually emerge unharmed?  Answering this question is the lifelong study of Mysticism and Magick.  A good witch or wizard knows how to clear his psychic environment of disruptive influences and entities and join or build a network of forces that are amiable to the well being and to the purpose of his or her life.  We always read in story books of how the sorcerer has his allied and familiar spirits.  Yet, as citizens of Planet Earth, we all learn that any successful person is in possession of the means to advance himself and his agenda, and this takes the form of that group which shares an interest in ones success or ongoing education.  Victory makes its home with us when necessary planning for projects and care to dependent concerns is elegantly meted out.  So, those who make careful survey of cause and effect in their world can be an invaluable source of power to the like minded. 


As other, larger groups grasp the value of developing alternative programs of acquiring the right help and training in their pursuits, it is certainly up to pagans to resume this practice, which they did by carving gemstone baboons, making offerings to the Bear Spirit or painting elk on cave walls, before anyone else had ever dreamed of a rigid literacy based social system.  As we are a diverse group, yet have deeply similar values because of our psychic sensitivities and creative sensibilities, we (more than anyone) need access to a wider range of responses to the obstacles which we face.  It is for this reason that I propose a guild for pagans of all traditions to work together to heighten awareness and avenues of the means by which we may address the central needs of securing the right schooling and guidance to master the science of adapting ourselves to our environment and art of enchanting our circumstances to our own needs.  So, as the House of Thoth conducts its own experiments, it also calls on all who share its core concerns and have a compatible approach to share (where appropriate) ideas with us and with the polytheist community in general.