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In a conversation years ago with a noted New Orleans OTO and Voodoo priestess, it was clearly pointed out to me how there hasnít thus far been any real overlap between charitable institutions and esoteric ones, as their purposes and methodologies are vastly different.† More recently, a European priest of Ra explained that genuine temples of native Egyptian deities must be founded through firm endowment, that proper dignity may thereby be conserved.† So, if we ever do accept donations for the purposes of community work, we will utilize them via a system of transparent accounting that permits contributors and authorities to see exactly what becomes of such funds.† A few statements about a typical objective of the templeís developmental intentions should suffice to give the reader an idea of what we might expect to accomplish with an outreach that included assistance from and to non-members:


1) Description of human problem:† homeless pagan youth


2) Resources needed:† social and economic


3) Description of remedy:† construction of service facilities


4) Resources available:† spiritual and educational


5) Description of method:† networking by people who care


6) Resources sought:† access to expert opinion


7) Description of focus group:† friends and servants of Thoth


8) Resources targeted:† library, chapel, bathhouse, garden