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The Bridge of Death

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The front room of an Egyptian home usually contained an area for devotions, especially to the kas of the ancestors of the family. We pause here, for a moment, to remember with gratitiude those who have come and gone before us, leaving a legacy that allows us to maintain the human race in a rich condition.

Hermopolitan alchemists explore the hidden universes via four domains:

The Chantry
The Library
The Labyrinth
The Abyss

The chapel of the ka, a more formal monumental space where the cult of the ancestors was carried on, was a place where people could seek the guidance of the spirits of those who had gone before. Before approaching the holy texts, it was first necessary for the devotee to achieve the proper state of mind.

Imagine, for a moment, where your soul has been, in the past. Imagine in what condition it is in now. Imagine in what realms it may wish to find itself, in the future. Have you paid heed to the voices of the dead and of their valuable experience? Have you listened well to the higher knowledge that is the gift that your ba offers to you?