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When Bart Simpson was forbidden to see the Itchy and Scratchy movie, he turned the two characters loose in his head to see if his imagination could set them into motion.  Oh, well.  Hoping for better luck, I tried this with my two favorite young actors.  I listened to what they said, watched what they did, and wrote it down.

Thorn has been accused of disturbing the peace, and has taken shelter of his girlfriend, Rosie, at her aunt's bungalow.  Both wish to communicate more deeply about the feelings and disturbances that have led him into the predicament, but in typical boy-girl fashion, this is slow to happen.  After many years of observation, I realized that the secret motto of the wise for sparing the feelings of close friends and generally staying out of deep trouble is, "Don't tell people anything they don't want to know, even if they say that they do."  Listening in on the couple's conversation, we can see how Rosie unfolds her genuine wish to understand Thorn, and how the boy has to establish for himself at each turn how he is going to honor this desire.  The couple succeed because they are both open minded, good humored, have ethereal imaginations, and are gently honest.

"Thorn And Rosie" (Short Film)

Some months or years after River Phoenix passed on, I was still ignorant of his amazing acumen and humanity.  After I read three biographies, I realized that he was a Great Soul, and would still be trying to guide those of us who could hear his whispers of wisdom.  Below is a prequel to My Own Private Idaho that has come to me mostly in dreams. 

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