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This page notes books with serious content directly pertinent to Hermopolitan religion.  Buttons below are for links to web sites that have features or articles that shed further light on our subject.

The Ancient Gods Speak:
A Guide to Egyptian Religion
--Donald B. Redford

Mythology Site

Ancient Egyptian Literature (3 vols.)
--Miriam Lichtheim

The Book of Doors Divination Deck: An Oracle from Ancient Egypt
--Athon Veggi & Alison Davidson

From Fetish to God in Ancient Egypt
--E.A.W. Budge

The Gods of the Egyptians (2 vols.)
--E.A.W. Budge

The Golden Cauldron
--Nicki Scully

Hathor and Thoth: Two Key Figures of the Ancient Egyptian Religion (Numen Book Series #26)
--C.J. Bleeker

The Inner Guide to Egypt
--Alan Richardson & B. Walker-John

Thoth, the Hermes of Egypt
--Patrick Boylan

Thoth Page at Egyptian Ritual Site


A Site To See

Ancient Egyptian Wisdom

Admonitions of Amun Em Ope

At The University of Chicago

Le Tombeau de Petosiris

Go There!

Triumphant Offerings from Nefertiti

The Ogdoad And Gnosticism

Ogdoad Page At Byzant Mystical

The Eight of Hermopolis

Sweet Info and Cool Links

Project Hindsight

Hellenistic Astrology

A Ponderous Array of Information

Philology at Leiden University

Temple of the Netjeru Online Shrine

Tehuti Page at Per-Sekhmet